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  • Enhancing Livelihoods for
    Pacific Island Coastal Communities
  • Habitat Restoration and Conservation
    Through Community Empowerment


Corals For

Corals For Conservation (C4C) is a Pacific regional organization founded in Fiji in 2009, by experienced community workers and scientists. C4C works with poor fishing communities to conserve and restore the coral reefs and marine resources that they so much depend upon. Working alongside government, and often supported by the tourism industry, they use a participatory community-based approach that includes establishment of no-fishing MPAs and innovative coral restoration methodologies for climate change adaptation, empowering local reef fishing communities to manage and restore local resources for their future social and economic well-being.


The Kyeema Foundation (KYEEMA) supports sustainable food and nutrition security through the humble village chicken, by providing support to access a crucial vaccine and education to improve livelihoods in vulnerable communities globally. KYEEMA supports local solutions to local problems because communities know what they need. KYEEMA believes in demand-driven development and the localization of aid. Their values put people first. Respect and collaboration guide their mission and vision.


The Teitei Permaculture Farm focuses on the development, implementation, and demonstration of sustainable livelihoods through permaculture and sustainable farming, caring for the land and for rural communities. Their goal is to trial permaculture species and techniques and to combine and learn from traditional, local and scientific knowledge and in doing so, can inspire others to use the knowledge for their own benefit. Teitei strive to include the surrounding communities and poor rural farmers of both native Fijian and Indian descent, as well as to link lessons learned with the global permaculture community.


A profit for purpose company with a mission to empower communities and benefit coral reefs around the world. Hiri is a new and innovative company with a mission to bring coral conservation to as many people as possible, spread coral and marine awareness, and to engage with communities.

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